LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score: A New Tool for B2B Brands


Do you know the old saying, “Half of my advertising works, I’m just not sure which half?” That saying may no longer apply in the Content Marketing arena.

LinkedIn has recently rolled out a Content Marketing Scoring tool that lets users see who has engaged with their content – in other words, read the article or watched the video – rather than the number of users who have simply clicked on the headline but quickly moved on. As an added bonus, LinkedIn provides extensive demographic data that lets you understand exactly who your most engaged, interested users are.

Because LinkedIn is primarily a professional social networking site, most of the content marketing done there is on a B2B basis. Taking the time to regularly assess your Content Marketing Score and delve into the demographics of the people who are actually engaging with what your offer will allow you to see if the people you’re connecting with are members of your target audience. If they’re not, it’s time to take a step back and reconsider your content strategy. You may need to alter what you’re presenting to attract the right clientele, or it may be time to figure out how to capitalize on the interest people are currently exhibiting.

Another valuable aspect of the Content Marketing Scoring tool is the ability to test how well content performs on the many different platforms LinkedIn offers. You have many publishing options on LinkedIn, including LinkedIn Groups posts, company updates, employee posts, Sponsored Updates, and writers’ posts. It may be that you have an audience in one arena while other content goes unnoticed. Obviously, you’ll want to concentrate your efforts in the area where you’re getting the highest rate of meaningful engagement.

If you want to make your LinkedIn marketing more effective, but aren’t sure where to start, give us a call. We’ve got a team of world-class content developers and social media strategists who can help you connect with your target market quickly and effectively!

LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score: A New Tool for B2B Brands
Article Name
LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score: A New Tool for B2B Brands
LinkedIn has made evaluating the effectiveness of marketing efforts on its platform easier with the Content Marketing Score.

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