Sending Mass Messages on LinkedIn

Linking Up: Sending Mass LinkedIn Messages


NOTE 2016- This feature is no longer available on Linkedin!

One of the biggest benefits we’ve garnered from modern technology is the ability to send mass communications in real time. From email marketing campaigns to social media, we can speak to hundreds, or even thousands, of customers in real time. LinkedIn offers a particularly useful tool for communicating directly with our contacts: Mass Messages.

Reasons to Use LinkedIn Mass Messages

Though there may be times when a simple LinkedIn post is more appropriate than a mass message directly to your contacts, these are some situations in which a mass message is applicable.

  • Tell people about upcoming Events
  • Spread the word about current promotions
  • Disseminate company news such as new product offerings, additional locations and more.

Step-By-Step: Sending a Mass LinkedIn Message

LinkedIn will allow you to send a mass message to all of your LinkedIn contacts, as well as a select group based on your desired filters. In the video above, as well as in the bullets below, we walk you through the steps of sending a mass LinkedIn message.

  • Once you’ve logged into LinkedIn, select Contacts in the drop down menu under Network in the main navigation at the top of the page
  • Here you’ll see all of your LinkedIn Contacts. Using the menu at the top of this list, you’ll be able to filter your contacts by company, location, title, source, and tag.
  • After you select the appropriate filter, click the box next to Select All at the top right of the contact list then click message to begin drafting a message to those contacts.
  • Before you start your message, uncheck the box at the bottom that says “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses.” Doing so will make your message feel more personal, similar to a BCC when using email.
  • Finally, enter your subject and message and click send.

A Note Regarding Contact Tags

It’s important to note the importance of the Tag feature as it relates to mass messages. LinkedIn gives you the ability to create specialized tags for your contacts, allowing you to create and message customized selections of contacts such as Clients or Tradeshow Contacts. Tagging your contacts as soon as you connect with them on LinkedIn will make your life much easier when you’re ready to send mass communications through the platform.

Linking Up: Sending Mass LinkedIn Messages
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Linking Up: Sending Mass LinkedIn Messages
LinkedIn offers the unique opportunity to send a mass message directly to all or some of your contacts. Learn how to use this exciting feature.

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