Live Long and Prosper: Marketing Lessons from Mr. Spock


Our entire team was incredibly saddened to learn of the passing of Leonard Nimoy. His work – especially his role as Spock on Star Trek – was part of our lives as we grew up. He’s widely credited with inspiring legions of scientists, programmers, and tech wizards. And we have to say that Nimoy’s masterful portrayal of a character perpetually caught between the demands of logic and emotional certainly had an impact on our work as marketers.

Spock’s Lesson For Marketers: Understand the Role of Emotion

Spock was constantly running into the fact that human beings don’t make decisions in the most logical fashion imaginable. Instead, emotional factors were more important influences. The more Spock understood about human emotions, the better he’d be able to predict what Captain Kirk and the other Enterprise crew members were likely to do in any given situation.

In much the same way, the better understanding we, as business owners, have of our customer’s emotions, the more effectively we’ll be able to predict their responses – whether that’s to a social media campaign, a new line of merchandise, or even a promotional offer. Mr. Spock’s beloved logic may lead a customer to do their research and comparison shop before making a purchase, but it’s that all too human emotion that makes them buy.

Spock’s Lesson For Marketers: Always Check Your Data

As Chief Science Officer, Spock was constantly looking at the readings and data the Enterprise’s many sensors would provide him with. He used this real time information to help him advise Captain Kirk in the most effective, meaningful way possible.

In much the same way, we need to make use of the data available to us as we make marketing decisions. We don’t have tricorders, alas, but we do have Google Analytics, social media metrics, and other performance tools we can use to make sure the campaigns we’re using are actually having a meaningful impact on our customers.

Live Long and Prosper

Going forward, we should always remember the lessons Spock taught us. It’s important to appeal to our customers on both a logical and emotional level: it’s easiest for our customers to make a purchase when the deal both makes sense and makes the buyer feel good. Additionally, data and research help us make better decisions. Look at your data all of the time. It will be a great help as you boldly go where no one has ever gone before!

Live Long and Prosper: Marketing Lessons from Mr. Spock
Article Name
Live Long and Prosper: Marketing Lessons from Mr. Spock
We're saddened to learn of the passing of Leonard Nimoy and inspired by the digital marketing lessons his portrayal of Mr. 'Spock taught us.

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