Tradeshow Strategies

Make Tradeshows Work for You with Smart Social Media Strategies!


Tradeshows, industry conventions, and other B2B events are great opportunities for small business owners. Manufacturers have an opportunity to present their products to the trade, service providers can connect directly with the companies that need them the most, and everyone has a chance to form the strong, personal bonds that makes doing business easier.

That’s why tradeshows are so popular. Today, tradeshows are a $100 billion dollar industry, experiencing steady growth of 2-3% annually. This means that show floors are crowded, noisy places, full of throngs of people, each of whom is very likely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people and exhibits. How are you going to connect with your customers in this crowd?

Social Media For Tradeshow Success

Social media – particularly Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging and to some extent, Facebook – gives us valuable tools we can use to cut through the noise and actually make meaningful connections at tradeshows.

social media for tradeshow successOne of the most encouraging trends in the tradeshow industry is how show organizers are putting more and more valuable information online prior to the event. In our new booklet, Social Media For Tradeshow Success, you’ll learn how to make the most of this crucial data to identify prospects, begin meaningful relationships, and most important of all, coordinate the all-important face-to-face meeting.

Tradeshows are dynamic, continually evolving environments. The smart use of social media will help you keep abreast of what’s going on while you’re on the show floor so you don’t miss anything important – while also attracting attendee attention to your exhibit. Learn exactly what you need to do in Social Media For Tradeshow Success.

After The Show: Social Media Connections Drive Real Life Sales

The most critical aspect of a tradeshow happens after everyone goes home. All of the introductions, connections, and meetings need to translate into actual business activity. In Social Media For Tradeshow Success, you’ll discover how a systematic approach to strengthening your new relationships via social media makes it much easier for your new connections to do business with you.

Participating in a tradeshow is a major commitment of your marketing resources. Make the most of your investment by using social media to improve your performance before, during, and especially after the show. Every member of your sales team needs to know the information in this booklet. It’s easy to read, super simple to understand, and amazingly effective once implemented. Get your copy today!


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