Making a Case for Commitment and Consistency: Bluestone Diagnostics

Who They Are

Bluestone Diagnostics is a medical equipment dealer specializing in used imaging equipment. Back in 2011 they came to us to help them design and build a website. A year later, we met with them again, this time to discuss using marketing to leverage that website to generate leads and establish them as an industry leader.


Defining Goals

Bluestone Diagnostics recognized that having a website was only the first step. Getting that website found and marketed on the digital world was the missing piece of the puzzle, and they came back to TTG to initiate these steps. Relying on a lead generation strategy of cold calling and networking at trade shows and conferences was only getting them so far. They wanted to utilize the website better so that their name would be out there for those who were searching for their services. They also wanted a better way to build lead generation.


Initial Struggles

Part of establishing a company as an industry leader is making sure the information you share is factual and not fraught with errors. This is particularly true when it comes to dealing with the medical industry. On the other hand, in order to achieve results with SEO and online marketing, it’s important to regularly post fresh content on your website.

Through our experience with the success we’d seen with past clients, we were aiming for new content each week – however, getting Bluestone to approve this content was taking some time. Why? Because, understandably so, they wanted to double check the facts for accuracy. We at TTG are not medical dealers – prior to working with Bluestone Diagnostics, we didn’t have extensive experience writing for this audience. Still, we are experienced copy writers who can learn to write (and write well) for a variety of audiences. Finding the appropriate voice, learning the vernacular, and researching reliable sources to check our facts were the answers to solving this problem. Working together to combine our marketing expertise with their industry knowledge was key.


Establishing Consistency

One of the things people don’t always recognize when incorporating marketing and SEO into their business strategies is that it isn’t a one-and-done method. Building a solid strategy in order to see the desired results requires consistency and commitment.

Bluestone Diagnostics promised to commit to weekly meetings in order to ensure that we stayed on track. Having a set time each week to meet allows us an opportunity to share ideas, discuss what’s new for the company and the industry, formulate a plan for the weeks ahead and get faster approval on blog posts, press releases and other content so that we can stay consistent with our weekly posting schedule. Getting on the phone 30 minutes every week also serves as a continuing learning experience for us at TTG to better familiarize ourselves with the industry, the language and get a better sense for the organization’s voice and personality.


Seeing Results

Since we started our 30 minute weekly meetings and regular posting schedule, the overall traffic to Bluestone Diagnostics’ website has increased 36%. Their organic search traffic from Google grew more than 75%. Likewise, the number of legitimate leads that have come in through the website has increased, resulting in additional closed deals as well as new relationships to network with in the future. At a time when many people in the industry are struggling to stay afloat, Bluestone Diagnostics remains busy. When a client who initially came to us complaining of lack of business begins to complain about keeping up with all the new business, we know our efforts are paying off!

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