Click to Call is Critically Important


One of the most common questions any marketing agency hears is “How will we know that the marketing is working?” There are three ways to track campaign effectiveness: via online forms, phone calls, and changes in in-store traffic. We’ve found that most business owners don’t track all three. In-store traffic is generally casually monitored, while online forms have reporting functionality built in. But what about phone calls?

The Majority of Customer Searches Happen on Smartphones

Google data clearly indicates that the majority of search activity happens on mobile devices. For most people, that means smartphones. While the many apps and features that smartphones can perform get a lot of attention, the fact remains that people can and do use them to place calls.

Digital ads can give viewers two options for further engagement: fill out a form or make a call. Call tracking is a tool you can use to increase the accuracy of your ROI calculations. On average, businesses that track calls see a ROI increase of 150% – this increase is due to paying attention to response data that was previously missed. Some platforms, such as Google AdWords and Facebook’s Click to Call button, have call tracking functionality built in – if you use these platforms, make sure you’re paying attention to the information they provide.

There are a number of call tracking tools available to business owners, including CallRail, CallFire, and CallSource. When choosing a call tracking tool, make sure it integrates with your existing systems and makes sense for your unique business. If you need help doing this, let us know – we’ll be happy to help you select the right system for your company’s needs.

When Click to Call Makes Sense

When creating your campaigns, think about the point in the buyer’s journey your customer will be at when they view that ad. If it’s a point where immediate action makes sense, such as booking an appointment, making a reservation, or securing services, a click to call button makes sense.

DialogTech, a firm that specializes in call tracking and data analysis, has reported that calls will influence one trillion dollars in consumer spending in 2018. Calls convert at a rate that’s 10-15 times greater than forms. Make sure you’re not missing out on the action. Have click to call buttons integrated appropriately through your digital marketing!

Click to Call is Critically Important
Article Name
Click to Call is Critically Important
Calls to your business from your digital marketing are powerful leads, but are these leads being accurately tracked and measured?

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