Marketing & Moving? More Similar Than You Realize


As I am currently in the midst of my third move in as many years, I am admittedly finding it difficult to tear my brain away from thoughts of packing, coordinating utilities, and my ever growing shopping lists of items for my new place. Yet the more I reflect on the moving process while in the context of my work environment – digital marketing – the more struck I am with the similarities between a successful moving strategy and a winning approach to marketing. Here are just a few that come to mind:

  • Getting In Front of It:

    In both the moving process and digital marketing it’s best to get as ahead of things as possible. When moving, this means changing your address through the USPS and with all relevant services and beginning the packing process well before the move. However, when we’re talking digital marketing, this means discussing promotions internally months before they’ll be rolled out, then dripping out messaging regarding these promotions at least 2 weeks prior to their launch on social media, your website and via email marketing.

  • Having a Plan:

    When approaching either moving or marketing, you never want to jump into action without a plan. No matter how early you start either process, you’ll be charging forward aimlessly. I developed a plan for my move that ensured that items I wouldn’t need were moved first, saving things I use each day for last. In digital marketing, developing a plan means determining your promotions for the next six months to a year, deciding when necessary imagery and copy will be created, marking your calendar for the launch of each campaign, and identifying the metrics you’ll use to gauge the success of each promotion.

  • Preparing for Contingencies:

    There’s always room for things to stray from the plan. Having a back-up (or two) is essential. When moving, this means identifying a few days that you can be at the house for the movers or utilities workers and determining how you will get furniture in if it doesn’t fit through the front door. In digital marketing, it means identifying other methods of getting your messaging out if, for instance, the open rate to your eblast is exceptionally low. In either case, panicking is easily avoided by planning for contingencies.

  • Realizing it’s More Work than You Think!

    This time around, I have the luxury of having two weeks to move – with less than 10 miles standing between my current residence and my new home. Thus, I spent the last weekend packing up inessentials and hauling them over to the new house. After loading and unloading just one car load full – and I do mean FULL – I was exhausted. I thought for sure that I’d be able to make at least two trips on both Saturday and Sunday between the new house and the old, but ended up cutting that in half.

    In much the same way, digital marketing often takes more work than some business owners realize. For instance, one may think managing a Facebook page is quick and simple: a few posts here and there to keep things fresh and you’re done, right? Wrong. In order to maintain a successful strategy, posts must be well thought out in accordance with what is selling that season, along with current events and holidays, then scheduled for the times at which the business’s audience is most likely to be on Facebook. Imagery such as covers and photos with posts must be updated frequently to reflect current offers and keep the page looking fresh. All comments and messages must be answered in a timely manner. And that’s just one platform! Just as some individuals choose to hire movers to take the burden off themselves – and ensure that everything is packed in the most effective and efficient manner – our clients turn to us to develop and implement a winning digital marketing strategy!

Marketing & Moving? More Similar Than You Realize
Article Name
Marketing & Moving? More Similar Than You Realize
At first glance, moving and marketing don't seem to have much in common, but these processes are more similar than you know!

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