Measuring Digital Effectiveness without E-Commerce? It’s Possible!


Analyzing the effectiveness of your digital presence is made easy when sales are made solely through your website. However, if e-commerce isn’t a part of your strategy, it becomes more difficult to measure the impact social media, e-mail marketing, and your website are having on sales. Still, all hope is not lost. If e-commerce doesn’t make sense for your business, either for budgetary or logistical reasons, there are strategies you can employ for capture. Here are just a few:

  • Forms:

    Forms are the number one tool we recommend for both securing capture of potential customers’ contact information for future promotions and for tracking the effectiveness of your online marketing. Though contact forms are the obvious source of conversions here, there are a number of other ways you can use forms on your site. For instance, you can offer downloadable content to entice users to fill out the form. You can also provide a short form with each product post that allows users to quickly contact you to ask about the price and availability of that product without ever leaving the page. Just remember to set designated thank you pages for each form in order to track conversions via Google Analytics Goals.

  • Designated Phone Lines:

    If you’re getting phone calls from your website & social, it’s doing its job. But how do you know if that’s how people are getting your number? You set designated lines for each platform, or at the very least, one for social media and one for your website. You also need to lean on your team a bit to keep record of what these calls are in regards to – are these people making appointments or reservations? You need to know in order to determine how well each platform is driving sales.

  • Online-Only Offers:

    Another option is to offer a promotion that you ONLY post online – there should be no in-store signage, radio, TV, or print ads around these deals. Encourage customers to come in and mention the offer, either showing a page on your site where they saw the offer on their smartphones or whispering a secret phrase – think in-person coupon codes.

Remember, even with these tactics, there will still be some burden put on you and your staff in terms of asking customers how they heard of you and making note of each time someone calls in or visits you due to one of your online campaigns. Even so, with a little effort, these tools will help you identify what’s working and eliminate what’s not in order to fully leverage your digital presence!

Measuring Digital Effectiveness without E-Commerce? It’s Possible!
Article Name
Measuring Digital Effectiveness without E-Commerce? It’s Possible!
E-commerce makes tracking sales from digital marketing super simple, but what if e-commerce isn't part of your strategy?

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