Meme Monday: Social Media Sensations


It is commonly thought that social media is a simple tool that any business can use to promote a product or service. Our response to this: Yes and No.

Yes, any business can create a Facebook page, launch a Twitter account, or create a Pinterest profile and the list goes on.

No, it does not happen over night. However, unimpressive results after the launch of a social media account can be discouraging. Leading many to believe social media is a waste of time. However, like any business marketing endeavor, it takes an extraordinary amount of planning to become a social media sensation.

Tip 1: Identify Your Goals

What are you hoping to get out of social media? Identify 1-2 business goals you hope to achieve with this marketing tactic. Social media is just another tool in our digital marketing arsenal.

Tip 2: Understand Your Audience

Once you have identified your goals how do you achieve them? You need to understand your audience and what resonates with them on the platform you have chosen to use for social outreach.

Tip 3: Track Your Reach & Success

Social media success has a lot less to do with one big viral video and more to do with the day-to-day return on investment. Is your audience sharing your information? Are they coming back to your website for more knowledge or to buy what you are selling? Be sure you track the success you are having with any social marketing effort you launch.

A Quick Case Study:

Our client Anne Marie, from Weddings in the Bahamas, came to us specifically to boost growth on her Facebook page after a slow and rocky start with another firm. When we began working with Anne Marie, the Weddings in the Bahamas page had a respectable 400 likes. Still, with the amount of interest in Bahamas destination weddings, we knew that her reach could be much greater.

The Goal: Use Facebook to Interest Potential Brides to Use Weddings in the Bahamas

Understanding our client’s audience was the key to identifying the content that would resonate most with Weddings in the Bahamas’ target customers. We carefully planned what to post and when to post it. Building an interaction with brides and grooms strategically allowed us to build a solid and excited fan base.

The tracking came from our client, who asked her clients what sealed the deal for them to engage “Weddings in The Bahamas.” Brides replied the accolades and details on the company Facebook page.

Read our full case study to learn more about this social media success.

Developing a winning social media strategy takes research, planning, and, sometimes, a little extra coaching. If you’re looking for better results with your social media outreach schedule a free 20 minute consultation and we’ll give you a little Technology Therapy!

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