Mobile to Help Taco Bell Put the Fast in Fast Food


Taco Bell is no stranger to our blog, and though they’ve had their share of blunders, generally we’re pointing out their ingenious uses of tech. This blog post is no different! Taco Bell has long since been known for their speed – their target wait time for peak hours is just 50 seconds – but they’re about to make service even faster with a mobile ordering app.

An App Analysis

Taco Bell is building this new app from scratch, in order to optimize ease of ordering and capitalize on additional selling opportunities. Here’s what you can expect at a glance:

  • A focus on the menu, which will be customizable to the users’ tastes
  • A home display that will change depending on the dining period
  • Easy restaurant locator feature
  • Additional product suggestions with your order
  • Mobile payment via credit card or payment in store with Taco Bell’s POS system
  • GPS tracking that notifies the restaurant when it’s time to begin preparing your order
  • Choice of in store or drive-through pick up options

As mobile champions, we may be biased, but we couldn’t be more excited for Taco Bell’s new app to roll out (it’s expected to go live by the end of 2014) and for other restaurants to introduce these solutions as well. And they won’t be far off – Chick-fil-A, Jersey Mikes, Smashburger and McDonald’s are already exploring comparable mobile ordering systems.

Small Businesses to Follow Suit?

This complete mobile ordering system is one thing for huge companies like Taco Bell, but can local restaurants offer these types of solutions as well? In a word, yes! Services like Seamless allow restaurants in over 40 cities to offer mobile ordering through their system, and we can only expect their coverage to grow. And customized mobile ordering solutions are not an impossibility for small businesses. Interested is exploring the possibilities for your business? Reach out to us for a free consultation to get started.

Mobile to Help Taco Bell Put the Fast in Fast Food
Article Name
Mobile to Help Taco Bell Put the Fast in Fast Food
Taco Bell is about to make their food even faster with their new mobile ordering app. Learn how it will work and what it means for small businesses.

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