When Mobile Marketing Matters Most


The best sales person your business has ever had may be your customers’ smartphone. Mobile marketing has proven to be uniquely effective at shepherding site visitors into the sales channel, a fact that can yield increased sales and boost overall profitability if the rest of the company’s digital marketing is poised to support the rest of the transaction. Here’s what you need to know:

Mobile Makes Shopping Fun Again

When we look at the affluent customer – the group that’s responsible for nearly half of all discretionary purchases made in the country right now – two facts become immediately clear: they all have smartphones and they use those smartphones all the time. The average smartphone user checks their phone 150 times a day, proof positive that the mobile experience is enjoyable and addicting.

The type of content that works best in the mobile environment drives purchasing behavior: it’s visually compelling, emotionally powerful, and simple to understand. Immediate gratification is important to the mobile consumer: when they see something they want, the urge to buy it right away is very strong. The vast majority of mobile customers who identify a must have item are most satisfied when they can complete the purchase within an hour. This type of shopping is fun and exciting – a type of entertainment the customer can enjoy from their phone.

Consistency is Key

Ideally, the customer prefers to be able to make purchases from whatever device they’re on at the time. It’s important to remember that the public doesn’t see any boundaries between any of your marketing channels: they expect the same level of service, support and quality whether they’re shopping with you on their phone, on their computer, or in person.

That means the mobile experience must be in alignment with the rest of your marketing. If your customer can’t buy from their phone, the website they’re sent to should look, feel, and function in the same fashion as your mobile site. The branding choices you make, from color, headlines, and featured images, needs to be seamlessly consistent across all platforms.

Simple, easy-to-understand navigation is essential: if your customer falls in love with a pair of earrings they see when they’re browsing on their phone, they want to be able to find and purchase those earrings effortlessly from their desktop computer. Any disruption of this process that slows the customer down can short-circuit the sale entirely, resulting in website abandonment and lost revenue. The promises made by the mobile site must be kept by the rest of your organization.

Not sure how to make that happen for your company? We can help.

Technology Therapy Group’s team of world-class web designers and developers have the mobile marketing prowess you need to transform your digital marketing presence and turn your customers’ smartphone into your showroom. Give us a call to find out more.

When Mobile Marketing Matters Most
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When Mobile Marketing Matters Most
Luxury buyers expect a seamless digital experience with your company no matter what device they're on, making mobile marketing essential.

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