Mobile Marketing Reaches Luxury Buyers


Today, I’ve got the great privilege of presenting at the SMART Jewelry Show in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights of the eye-opening information about mobile marketing that I’ll be sharing there:

Google has announced that 2014 may be the year that mobile search takes over from other forms of search. Luxury buyers – who often aren’t the mega-rich people you’d imagine – are the most devoted mobile users. These customers are twice as likely to have a smartphone than the general public, and they are very adept at using it.

Mobile Marketing: Essential for Abbreviated Attention Spans

In fact, research shows us that typically, people look at their phones 150 times a day. Customers don’t divide their wants by where or how they plan to buy: they expect a seamless customer experience no matter where they interact with your brand. More than half of mobile customers want to be able to make a purchase within an hour. Are you able to sell what they want to buy?

Having e-commerce capability is a game changer for today’s small business owner. If you look exclusively at luxury buyers – the people who account for 45% of all discretionary spending in America right now – you’ll find they heavily favor brands that allow them to make purchases directly from their phone or tablet. The 88% of luxury brands that have online stores receive 99% of the traffic.

Moving Forward With Mobile

The time is now to think through how you’re going to connect with the mobile customer. Some tools, like email marketing and paid search, will be very familiar to you and need only minimal tweaking to be effective in a mobile-dominated environment. Other tools, including SMS marketing, the use of apps, and social media advertising may not be as familiar but are absolutely critical tools.

If you’re not sure how to integrate mobile into your current marketing mix, or you know your digital presence needs work to look great on today’s smaller screens, give us a call. We’re here to help put your brand exactly where it needs to be: on your customer’s phone!

Mobile Marketing Reaches Luxury Buyers
Article Name
Mobile Marketing Reaches Luxury Buyers
Luxury buyers are using their smartphones and tablets to shop - and expect to be able to make a purchase within an hour. Are you living up to this expectation?

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