More Than Words: It’s Time To Talk About Emojis


Over the course of the past few years, emojis have made their way from cute keyboard tricks used as shorthand by net-savvy youngsters to a critical element of mainstream communication. Proof of concept: on Monday, Chevy issued a press release composed 100% of emojis.

Can emojis communicate as effectively as old-school text? Not necessarily. Translations of Chevy’s all-emoji press release have ranged from the almost-sensible to the downright ludicrous. Here’s a snippet of CNet’s version:

Happy people love cars.

They drive their cars to and from the city while listening to music, then stop. After some days and nights, filled with joy and sadness, but then a new car is born and you will love it. It syncs with your phone, goes bowling with angles and gasses up all of your sporting goods and bicycles.

Thumbs-up to the new bread, dress up in your best shoes and lipstick to see some dancers while you text your friends. Businessmen like this car and say “Great idea for car to make the Earth better.”

Other people have their own takes on the emoji-only text. They’ve been sharing them using the #ChevyGoesEmoji hashtag. Posters have included a strong mix of ordinary people, industry media and even some celebrities. Everyone has an opinion about what the emojis actually mean, and they all want to share it.

The result? Chevy enjoys a ton of buzz, exposing people to the 2016 Chevy Cruz and branding while they puzzle over the all-emoji press release – and exponentially more people have paid attention to this PR than ever would have ever noticed a more traditionally formatted piece.

This concept can definitely scale down for use by the smaller business owner. Many of you are already integrating emojis into your social media posting. Consider making an all-emoji post or graphic and inviting your customers to do their own translations; make sure to hashtag it to make it easy for your customers and others to see what other people are doing. Maybe news about a special offer or secret sales event could be conveyed only with emojis – if your market loves solving puzzles or playing games, it’s not a bad idea.

The reason the all-emoji press release worked for Chevy was that it was novel, fun, and timed at a period when the media was looking for something to write about. Keep those elements in mind when timing your own piece.

More Than Words: It’s Time To Talk About Emojis
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More Than Words: It’s Time To Talk About Emojis
As users become more and more emoji obsessed, it's important to think of how these tiny images can pack a punch for our digital marketing!

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