Mother’s Day is May 11th. Is Your Digital Marketing Plan in Place?


Mother’s Day is what I like to call a stealth holiday. It kind of sneaks up on you when you’re not looking, resulting in a last-minute scramble for the perfect combo of card, gift, and flowers for Mom. As small business owners and retailers, however, Mother’s Day presents a valuable marketing opportunity that we can’t afford to miss.

Almost everyone has a mother, and many people are mothers themselves. Recognizing that should be a pivotal part of your digital messaging over the coming week.

Here are some ideas you can use to get started:

  • Let people know Mother’s Day is coming. Early and often reminders are valuable customer service tactics, particularly when coupled with invitations to book reservations, order flowers or services, or buy a gift for Mom.
  • Create an incentive specifically for Mothers to take advantage of. This is a promotion that will drive sales for every type of business, even if you’re not in the type of industry that immediately leaps to mind when people think “Mother’s Day.” For example, a Quick Oil Change shop that offered 25% off their basic packages to any Mom who liked their Facebook page was overwhelmed by the response.
  • Create or share a “Happy Mother’s Day” graphic on your social media platforms that incorporates your brand name or logo. When it’s shared – and holiday imagery is among the most-often shared types of content – your branding will be shared at the same time.
  • Highlight any products or services that will make great gifts for Mother’s Day throughout the next week. Images are important. Put links that lead directly to your product page into the post to make it easy for your customer to buy.
  • Remind people of all the mothers they may wish to honor on Mother’s Day. Specific shout outs about Mother in Laws, Grandmothers, and the Mother you may be romantically partnered with drive sales.
  • Saturday is the time to reach the last-minute shopper. Make sure you have great incentives, offers, and messaging being shared on Saturday.
  • Finally, some people are going to forget Mother’s Day. Consider running a “Make it up to Mom” post on the Monday after Mother’s Day.
Mother’s Day is May 11th. Is Your Digital Marketing Plan in Place?
Article Name
Mother’s Day is May 11th. Is Your Digital Marketing Plan in Place?
Mother's Day is right around the corner. Make the most of this holiday and make a connection with your customers by employing proven digital marketing strategies.

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