In a Multi-Screen World, Email & Social Media Marketing Become Top Priorities


The scene: a family room near you. There’s a couple of parents, a teenager, a tweenager and a young child. The TV is on. What else is happening?

According to the latest eMarketer research, at least three and probably more of the people in this room will be second-screening; that is, engaging with another electronic device while the TV is also on. Smartphones and tablet computers are top choice for the second device.

Over 80% of the people who are engaged with a second screen are using it to do one of two things: check email or visit social media sites. Less popular choices include connecting with friends via text message or phone call; still further down the list come internet searches and shopping. The least popular second-screen activity? Researching the show currently on TV or any of the brands that are advertising during the broadcast.

This is great news for the small, independent business owners who often complain they don’t have the budgetary resources to compete with national brands that can buy blocks of TV time. Your customers aren’t mindlessly watching those commercials – they’re checking their email and social media sites instead. And the smart, strategic small company has every opportunity to position themselves attractively in both of those environments.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most powerful tools available to the small business owner. The highest open and conversion rates are associated with emails that are highly relevant, tied to current or industry events, and promise to be of immediate benefit to the reader. Time invested in strategically planning and implementing an email marketing campaign can make the second screening phenomenon work for you.

Social media usage is the second most popular second screening activity. If maintaining your company’s Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest presence has fallen off your radar or become something you’ll get around to ‘tomorrow’, you’re missing the chance to connect with these customers. Consider this your wake up call to change the situation for the better! Need help making it happen? Let us know: we’re here to help.

In a Multi-Screen World, Email & Social Media Marketing Become Top Priorities
Article Name
In a Multi-Screen World, Email & Social Media Marketing Become Top Priorities
The second screen phenomenon allows small businesses to compete with big brands via social media and email marketing, based on the latest study from eMarketer.

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