What You Need To Know About the RebelMouse Reboot


RebelMouse is one of the best-known content curation platforms. It’s used by companies that wish to collect multiple streams of content – gathered from websites or social media sites – and present it in a single, branded environment where it’s super simple for visitors to re-share the content to their own communities.

Earlier this month, RebelMouse relaunched, with a new suite of service offerings. While previously, RebelMouse was ideal for sharing third party content, with its new design and functionality, RebelMouse is attempting to provide a robust platform for companies to create and publish their own content. The same social-media centric infrastructure is in place, making it very easy for your visitors to spread the word about your message.

Tell Your Story

The primary advantage small business owners will realize from this change is one of greater control. While there are many times where third party content providers share information that is of value, it’s far rarer for a wholly unaffiliated company to be telling the story you want your brand to be known for.

By serving as a platform for original content that is fully optimized for social engagement, RebelMouse was designed for the brand that wants to act like a media property, according to founder Paul Berry.

In other words, if you’ve ever pondered creating a ‘house magazine’ for your store or restaurant, the new RebelMouse is for you. You can combine your own original materials – let’s say a video of what’s going on in the kitchen or some of Chef’s favorite recipes – with supporting content gathered from third party sites to create a cohesive, brand-building experience your customers will enjoy viewing, reading, and sharing.

Powerful Analytics

If you’re an analytics geek (and you know I am!) you’ll love the new reports and metrics available in the RebelMouse reboot. You’ll be able to see how much interest there is in any given piece of content you post – original or shared – and have your most popular content shared with your customers via email.

It’s important to understand that RebelMouse is one tool to be used as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Understanding its capacity and limitations is essential to making the most of what could be a quite powerful platform. Used properly, this platform has the capacity to exponentially expand the reach of your messaging.

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What You Need To Know About the RebelMouse Reboot
Article Name
What You Need To Know About the RebelMouse Reboot
RebelMouse recently rebooted their platform, putting an emphasis on original content. Learn how RebelMouse can work for your business.

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