Obstacles Build Teams and Ideas


On Saturday May 3rd, Technology Therapy team members came together to compete in an Obstacle Course Race. These races, which test speed and agility, are becoming more and more popular. This is our second event as a team, and we learned some great lessons along the way.

Working together as a team is important when you’re competing in an Obstacle Course Race. Each member has a role to play, whether it’s the leader who has run races like this before and can thus provide helpful guidance and insights, or the newest team member who brings incredible energy and enthusiasm that pumps everybody up.

Teamwork is equally important for the success of any small business. Here are some lessons you can apply to your team on and off the obstacle course.

Lesson 1: Be Sure to Stretch

Always-stretchWe all need to stretch before we run. The same thing is true when you tackle a project. Your stretching may be morning meetings or brain storming sessions; whatever it takes to get your mind moving and focused on the obstacles of the day.

As a leader, it’s essential that you remind your team of the need to stretch regularly. In the rush to get things done, it’s easy to forget to stretch, but the results of skipping – whether you’re running or working – will definitely slow you down in the long run.

Lesson 2: Go With Gusto

gustoHow do people look at the beginning of a race? You see lots of happy faces and enthusiasm. The best runners tend to be the most excited.

Every day and every project should start the same way. You want your team to be high energy and have a positive ‘I can do it’ approach. All your team members need to be excited about what lays ahead – even if it scares them.

Lesson 3: Stop & Survey

surveyIt’s always a good idea to know what you’re going to be using your energy and enthusiasm for. Take a moment to review what you’re about to tackle. That can mean looking over the obstacle course or talking through the project you’re starting. Consider what you’re about tackle and find the best way of doing it.

Lesson 4: Buddy Up

buddyOn any project we all need some help. Having a buddy can be a great way to get you through. During the race, it’s great to have someone to run with, a partner that will help you keep motivated and on pace.

On our marketing team buddies proof read and bounce ideas off of each other to get the best results. In either case, when you hit a wall, it’s great to have a buddy who can give you a helping hand!

As a leader, your role can be as simple as reminding people how valuable buddies can be, or you can be more involved, pairing up people whose strengths complement each other well.

Lesson 5: Determination Gets You Through

Obstacle races are designed to be challenging. There comes a point where no matter how many friends are cheering you on, getting through the challenge is completely up to you. This is when your personal determination comes into play. Can you say “No Fear! You Got This!” and go for it?

Determination is the game changer. It’s as true with creative marketing campaigns as it is to climbing a 12 foot wall. When you’re deciding who to run with or add to your team, the level of determination a candidate possesses matters a lot. Make sure you take that into consideration!

Lesson 6: Balance

You use a variety of skills running an obstacle race. It’s important to know what to do and when to do it. Running fast is great, but that’s not the skill you need to make it through the swinging tires! Knowing when to swing and when to climb and when to hold on can make a difference in your success.

Every project or campaign strategy needs balance. You need all kinds of skills and abilities to ensure success, from the wild creative thinker to the dedicated attention paid to critical details. Knowing what you need and when you need it is just as important here as it is on the race course.

Lesson 7: Be Flexible

flexibilityI have to admit that before the race started, I had a plan in my mind about how things were going to go. However, adjustments had to be made as we went through the course. If we weren’t flexible and willing to change our plans, I’m not sure we would have finished as strongly as we did.

Flexibility regarding any project or in any work environment can make the difference. Something always comes up, no matter how carefully you plan and prepare. Being able to adjust and change to handle the situation and keep moving forward makes all the difference in your success.

Lesson 8: Celebrate the Success

Overcoming obstacles may take a lot out of you and your team! As a leader, it’s your role to make sure they know the sacrifice is worth it. Be sure to celebrate the successes before you move on to the next project.

Obstacles Build Teams and Ideas
Article Name
Obstacles Build Teams and Ideas
While competing in my second Obstacle Course Race, I learned important lessons that I'll take with me to lead to future success, both on and off the course.

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  1. sharon creighton says:

    I just did my first Boulderdash on the Beach in RI with my daughter and friend….was one of the most awesome events ever. What a feeling of pride and accomplishment knowing I could do this. It was so much harder than I thought it would be and didn’t realize how great of shape we were all in until we were faced with the obstacles.. We are hooked now!!!!! GO BOLD OR GO HOME..loved the T-shirts!

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