Too Old for Tech? I Don’t Think So


So there’s a conversation I keep having, and it’s kind of blowing my mind. During a conversation about marketing a small business to older customers, digital marketing strategies will of course come up. Way too many times does reaching out to this audience get dismissed with a hand wave – older folks just aren’t online, right? They’re certainly not using social media.

Wrong. I’m not sure where this deep-seated belief that older folks don’t like technology comes from, but it’s just not true. Some people love tech, some people don’t – and age has nothing to do with it. Need proof? Here’s an amazing NPR story about a 90 year old inventor who’s using her skills to keep the people around her safer.

And what about the 65+ set on social media? Well, the numbers are such that reports “Old people are invading the internet!” More than half of New Zealand’s seniors use social media daily, and the trend being observed over there is definitely one that started here.

Don’t make age-based assumptions when you’re creating your marketing plan. More of your older customers may be on social media than you might think. Remember, Facebook has been around for over a decade now. Brands are pushing customers toward social media everywhere you look. Take a moment to glance at the television programs you’re sure are the favorite viewing of the senior set – you’ll be shocked to discover how web savvy these producers assume their audiences are.

If it’s important to you to market your business to senior customers offline, it’s important for you to have an online digital marketing strategy for your senior customers as well. Senior shoppers expect the same brand experience as everyone else – which includes highly relevant, personalized content delivered via social media. Need help making it happen? Give us a call!

Too Old for Tech? I Don’t Think So
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Too Old for Tech? I Don’t Think So
If you're assuming your senior customers are too old for tech, you're doing yourself a disservice. You can and should connect with this audience digitally!

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