Consider the Search Bar


The most successful businesses are the businesses who make the best use of their data. That’s why we’re big advocates of the on-site search bar. Moz tells us that 30% of site visitors will use an on-site search bar if one is available. Site search makes it faster and easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for; this is particularly relevant if they’ve come to your site after seeing interesting products on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. In addition to improving the user experience, site search collects lots of valuable data.

On Site Search Reveals Intent

Performing an on-site search is a strong indicator of an intent to convert. When people perform a search, they have already decided they’re interested in an item. Whether or not they’re going to buy depends on several factors, including your presentation and pricing, but we know the interest and intent is there. Identifying what products capture your customers’ attention and drive them to explore further is extremely valuable information.

Search Terms Matter

If your analytics are configured properly, you will have a record of what terms customers use to search for products on your site. These words, and the order of these words, reveal a great deal about how your customers think about and discuss your products. On site search terms have a huge role to play in refining your SEO and advertising targeting.

On Site Search & Conversion Rates

In Moz’s research on the subject, companies in general enjoyed a conversion rate of 2.77%. When on site search was available, and users could find what they were looking for, that conversion rate increased to 4.63%. That’s a meaningful increase, simply from installing a proven, reliable digital marketing tool.

Site Search Best Practices

There are well known site search best practices that can improve the results you realize. These include the placement, coloration, and design of the on site search box, as well as usability features like auto-complete search. The way results are displayed can be tailored to fit your audience’s unique shopping habits: test various options to see what performs best for you.

Consider the Search Bar
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Consider the Search Bar
Did you know 30% of visitors to your website will use an on site search bar if available? Use this search data to help your business!

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