Perfectionism = Procrastination = Bad Digital Marketing


Today I want to talk about one of the small business owner’s biggest problems: procrastination. We all put things off to do later – it’s human nature. But sometimes procrastination can get us into real trouble where digital marketing is concerned.

Right now, some of you are protesting that you are absolutely not a procrastinator. “I’m always working on my marketing!” you say. “Look at all the blog entries I’ve written! Check out these fantastic photos I’ve taken of my business!”

Here’s the thing:

Your customers can’t read blog entries until you post them. Those awesome pictures you took to ‘someday’ share on social media aren’t engaging anyone as long as they stay on your phone. Many, many business owners are great at the behind-the-scenes, content creation aspect of digital marketing. When it comes to actually posting or sharing what they have gathered or created, however, things slow way down.

“I just want to read this over one more time to make sure it says exactly what I need it to.” “If I play with these photos just a little more, they’ll look even better!” Does any of this sound familiar? If the quest for perfection is stopping you from sharing content with your customers regularly – and by regularly, I mean several times a week; ideally, daily! – that perfection is not helping you build your business.

When your website doesn’t change regularly and your social media platforms go a long time without updates, your customers don’t care why nothing’s happening. They’re not going to pause and ponder what majestic content you’re surely creating behind the scenes. They’re just going to move on to where something is happening. Remember: activity attracts attention.

It’s not just your customers’ attention that’s attracted by activity.

Search engines rank active sites – those that update with new content regularly – higher than those sites that always remain the same. When properly integrated, social media activity can also boost your site ranking, making it easier for your customers to find you.

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good. Solid content that you post regularly is better for your business than spectacular content you don’t post at all. Understanding this can take some work. If you’re stuck and struggling, give us a call. We’re here to help!

Perfectionism = Procrastination = Bad Digital Marketing
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Perfectionism = Procrastination = Bad Digital Marketing
Though it's important to be detail oriented, it can prevent you from getting content out in a timely manner. Sometimes perfectionism leads to procrastination!

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