Pinterest Becomes Even More Powerful with Launch of Buyable Pins


Pinterest has rapidly become many retailer’s favorite social media site. Pinterest users spend hours on the social media platform, collecting and arranging images of their favorite things. Pinterest’s primary value has been as a discovery tool: people are using the platform to discover brands, designers, and products that they’d not otherwise encountered in their travels around the internet.

The majority of Pinterest users are women, and their use tends to center around major life events, such as weddings, other special events, home décor and fashion. The number of male Pinterest users has been steadily increasing, and is currently estimated to be more than 10% of the total 72.8 million users. Male users on Pinterest tend to create boards based on travel, survivalism, and home improvement projects.

Pinterest has also proven to be incredibly powerful in terms of influencing purchasing behavior: it is the second largest source of traffic to online stores, and 93% of Pinterest users report using the platform to plan future purchases.

Pinterest has now launched Buyable Pins, which allow customers to purchase an item they’ve seen on Pinterest without having to travel to the retailer’s website. Purchases can be paid for with either Apple Pay or credit card. It’s important to understand that in order to take advantage of the Buyable Pins feature, your business must have a Shopify account. Buyable Pins are not available to businesses that don’t have a Shopify account.
In the days to come, we’ll be presenting more information about how small business owners can harness this new powerful tool from Pinterest to increase your company’s visibility and sale. Watch for information on our upcoming webinar and training event: it’ll be jam packed with information you can use to grow your business.

Pinterest Becomes Even More Powerful with Launch of Buyable Pins
Article Name
Pinterest Becomes Even More Powerful with Launch of Buyable Pins
Big news in the world of social media marketing: your can now sell products directly through Pinterest with Buyable Pins!

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