Pinterest Business Profiles Have Gotten Better


Pinterest is extremely serious about making itself useful to business owners. Over the past year, we’ve seen several new features and improvements that have made the platform much more commerce friendly. Just in time for the busy December shopping season, Pinterest has updated Business Profiles to include the following features:

Rotating Showcase

Spotlight your best sellers, newest arrivals, or items you’re particularly proud of on the rotating showcase feature. This showcase is positioned at the top of your profile and will be one of the very first things people see, so use this space strategically. Keeping your showcase fresh and current is a good best practice – set reminders to update it at least weekly.

Highlight Up to Five Boards

Select your five best Pinterest boards and display them on your profile. The first space for boards is shoppable, so you’ll want to include any Buyable Pins you may have there. Again, these boards can be changed as your business needs dictate: you may want to consider doing this on a monthly basis, seasonally, or to reflect your marketing campaign schedule.

Consistency Across All Devices

This feature may not sound nearly as exciting as the first two, but anything that makes it easier for the customer to find and shop with you is good news.

Enjoy Your Control

Pinterest has explicitly stated that they want business owners to be able to fully control what users see when they visit a business’ profile page. This means you’ve got the ability to curate your Pinterest presence with the same flexibility and freedom that you have when visually merchandising your brick and mortar location. Put those display skills to work and make full use of these new features – especially Buyable Pins, which are proving to be a big hit with holiday shoppers!

Pinterest Business Profiles Have Gotten Better
Article Name
Pinterest Business Profiles Have Gotten Better
Pinterest's new Business Profiles have upped the ante for your business page and improved the way users browse the site.

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