The Hunger for How-To


Pinterest announced this week that it is rolling out a new kind of Pin. How To Pins are slightly larger than traditional pins, giving posters the opportunity to include several images and text in a single post. While How To pins are currently available only to a very limited number of brands, there’s every reason to believe that Pinterest will follow their usual routine of opening the functionality to all after a testing phase. That means the time is now to think about how you’ll use this feature to promote your business.

How To content plays an important role in any content marketing strategy. It’s one of the few types of content that is almost universally appealing: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials all value and share instructional content on a variety of subjects. As you might expect, different groups of people find their content on different platforms – older folks are using Facebook while a Millennial turns to Tumblr – but the basic concept is still the same. Video is the most popular form of How To content, followed by infographics and then step by step text instructions.

There is a tremendous hunger for How To content online. WikiHow, which is similar to Wikipedia but contains only tutorial content, has over 20 million monthly visitors. People want quick, easy to understand instruction, but they also browse How To content for inspiration and to discover new ways to spend their time, improve their skills, and otherwise become happier people.

When you’re creating How To content, keep three things in mind. Your content should be relatively short and simple: give yourself a hard limit of a minute to express everything your customer needs to know. Second, keep your content fun, even if the task being taught isn’t particularly enjoyable. Given the opportunity to watch an entertaining approach to unclogging the kitchen sink or a boring one, more people will choose the entertaining option. Finally, remember that branding is important. While How To content is not about selling, including your company logo, brand colors, and other visually identifying cues into your presentation is a very good idea.

The Hunger for How-To
Article Name
The Hunger for How-To
Recognizing the hunger for How To content on social media, Pinterest has launched How To Pins.

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