Push It Real Good: Google’s Latest Changes Aim To Make Websites More Like Apps


Normally, browser updates are the kind of event that are really of interest only to the tech contingent, particularly those who are responsible for making sure websites look great and function flawlessly, no matter which browser a visitor may be using. However, Google’s latest update to the Chrome browser for Android devices, and expected updates to Firefox, is something every business owner needs to pay attention to.

Here’s what you need to know: the latest update includes a feature known as Push Notifications. Push notifications are already a familiar feature of many apps; they appear whenever you have new content to view. Sometimes these notifications are limited to truly high value information, such as a storm warning in your local area for a weather app.

Now website owners will be able to send similar notifications to those customers who have opted in whenever their site has a relevant update. The notifications will appear in the Android device user’s notification bar; when a user clicks on it, the relevant webpage will open on their phone.
So far, Facebook, Pinterest, eBay and Vice News are among the first major brands to embrace this new functionality. The Google development team has described the new push notifications as a way to bridge the gap between the web and apps; additionally, this feature helps explain part of Google’s recent insistence on mobile-friendly sites.

Now is the time to start thinking about what push notifications might mean for your marketing plan. Customers don’t want to be overwhelmed by too much information; at the same time, they place a high value on content that they find personally relevant. Think through what type of updates would be of most valuable to your customers, whether that’s in terms of sales on their favorite brands, new product arrivals, or even a daily special. A small notification can have a huge impact on your bottom line – provided you go about it strategically.

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Push It Real Good: Google’s Latest Changes Aim To Make Websites More Like Apps
Article Name
Push It Real Good: Google’s Latest Changes Aim To Make Websites More Like Apps
Google has announced the Push Notifications will featured in the latest Chrome update for Androids, helping websites work more like apps.

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