Push Your Web Development Into Warp Speed


Whether you’re building a custom website or working with a template system, it’s easy to get behind on the content creation and curation for your new site. There are certain parts of the web development process that take time, but there are things you can do to rev things up and ensure that you launch – or even before – deadline.

Be Clear About Copy

If you’re taking responsibility for your site’s copy rather than enlisting your web team to write new text, be sure that you are clear on which, if any, pages from your old site from which you’ll be reusing copy. From there, determine which pages will need to have re-written copy and which new pages for which you’ll need to create copy. Set up internal deadlines and coordinate with your web team so you’ll have the copy to them by the time the site has been styled and is ready for text to be added.

When working with a copy writing team, be sure that revisions are given in rounds and resist the temptation to request never ending drafts. Once the copy is in a solid place, consider it final for launch. Remember, the web is dynamic so even “final” copy isn’t set in stone. Edits can always be made post launch.

Be Photo Ready

Photos often delay the process, whether you’re using a photographer, stock photos or relying on your vendors to send images. If you are taking responsibility for the photos – either received from your vendors or commissioned from a photographer – be sure to compile them and organize them for your web team to make the process as seamless as possible. Photos should be organized by type or by page on which you’d like them to appear. In the case of e-commerce sites, they should be organized by the categories in which you’d like them to be shown in the shopping cart. Be sure to discuss the product information you’ll need with your web team as well. It’s much easier to get this information from your vendors along with the photos than to have to produce it all on your own or slow your web team by tasking them with the job.

In the case of stock photography, it’s extremely helpful for your web development team to have a lightbox of images to pull from as they fill out the site. Your team can put this together for you and have you review it, culling photos you don’t care for, or you can create it for them. Compiling a lightbox yourself gives you greater control over the imagery selected and the timeframe in which images are finalized.

Give Edits in Batches

When it gets to the point where you’ve received a link to your development site for review, try to avoid the temptation to click through site daily and send over an edit or two here and there. Chances are, your web team is still making updates, adding copy, posting photos, and so on. Compile a list of edits, allow your team to make them, and then perform your next review. This ensures that nothing is missed and saves time on both sides! Performing several click-throughs together at various stages of completion is also a smart practice for keeping everyone on the same page.

Push Your Web Development into Warp Speed
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Push Your Web Development into Warp Speed
Launching a new website is a long, detailed process, but there are steps you can take to speed things up!

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