Putting The Spotlight on Summer Looks: What’s Your Plan?


I know it seems strange to talk about summer fashions when spring is only just starting to arrive through much of the country, but the truth is that this is the right time to start thinking through how you’re going to generate excitement and drive summertime sales.

Summer is traditionally one of the tougher times for the jewelry retailer. We don’t have the big gift-giving holidays to drive shoppers into the store. However, there are definitely events that people like to dress up for: vacations, bbq parties, weddings and so on. The smart, strategic use of social media can help remind your best customer that they should add some new shinies to their summer look. Here are 3 simple steps you can take to put the spotlight on summer:

    1. Website & Social Media Refresh

      Revitalize the look of your website and social media presence with new graphics, language and offers celebrating summer. Particularly important areas to focus on include your website sliders and Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ cover images. Sunny, bright colors are particularly effective. Use imagery that evokes a sense of fun.

    2. Welcome Summer Fashion Show

      Break out your camera and shoot a short (1-2 minutes TOPS!) video focused on some of the best summer looks in your collection. Mix up estate pieces, designer lines and custom work as you see fit. Make sure to include your store’s name, web address and location so your customers know where to find you. Share this video on YouTube, your website and other social media platforms. Use hashtags strategically to extend reach.

    3. Create Summer Themed Mini Collections

      Using your existing inventory, put together between 12-15 looks that would be stellar vacation wear, fun for the family barbecue, great to wear to a wedding, ideal for star gazing with your sweetie and so on. Create graphics featuring each look individually, and then share them as your Summer Look of the Week. Share these on your social media – before the weekend is generally best – and make note if any of the looks featured is on sale. Make sure to also include these looks on your website, with links to where each item can be purchased.


Putting The Spotlight on Summer Looks: What’s Your Plan?
Article Name
Putting The Spotlight on Summer Looks: What’s Your Plan?
Spring may have just sprung, but now is the time to start planning how you are going to generate sales in your jewelry retail store this summer!

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