Re-Marketing: Should This Be In Your Digital Marketing Plan?


Have you ever felt like you were being followed online? Well, you are being followed; you are being followed by advertising. Let me explain; have you ever been to a website about a certain product or service and then later that day or two days later you see an ad appear from that website? It is not coincidence; it’s retargeting.

Retargeting, or what I like to call re-marketing, ads are a tool you may want to consider in your digital strategy. Retargeted ads can appear on popular websites, blogs, and your favorite social media platforms. The goal of these ads is to persuade your customer to come back to your website for another visit.

Who Is Retargeting Great For?

In my opinion, a retargeting campaign is a great tool for:

  • Newer, unknown businesses that are investing in Google Ads to get their business known. If you’re investing in the initial traffic to your website, a retargeted campaign can help draw your audience back to your website.
  • Businesses who sell to audiences that are searching for information. If your customers are using the web to get information about an issue in their lives this tactic can be helpful. As your customer does more research your retargeted ad will remind them to come back to make the final decision.
  • Businesses that sell to customers that like to price shop. As they jump from site to site and research information about the product they are about to buy your ad will follow them.

Understand Audience & Plan

Retargeted advertising can be a great way to bring back potential customers, but like everything we discuss here at TTG, you need to be clear about your audience to properly plan your campaign.

Begin by:

  • Profiling Your Customers:

    if you have not yet profiled your customers, now is the time. Why do they look for your product or service? Where else will they spend time online? What interests do they have? This will help you decide your retarget approach.

  • Identify the Catalyst to Convert:

    Why do you customers finally become customers? What was the reason? You’ll need this to create great retargeted ads visuals and copy.

If this sounds like a strategy you’d like to consider for your business, spend some time understanding the landscape and tracking for this type of initiative.

Next time I will share some great companies to look at to get your retargeted campaign going. In the meantime, please schedule a free consultation if you have questions about launching a retargeting strategy for your business.

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