Save the Trees – Go Digital with Your Marketing!


Happy Earth Day!

Today we celebrate the environment and take time to reflect on how we can keep the world a safe and healthy place for all. Think of all the areas of your life where you can apply the old standby Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. At home, try switching to a reusable K-Cup and travel mug to make your morning cup of coffee or donating rarely worn clothing to a thrift shop. At the office, make going green a part of your company culture – ensure that recycling baskets are easily accessible, implement a no-print policy for email, even go green with your marketing efforts!

If you haven’t yet, Earth Day offers the perfect opportunity to go digital with your marketing – thus saving the trees that would have gone into the making of your print and direct mail campaigns. And if the trees aren’t enough, consider this: the average response rate for direct mail is just 4% while email marketing touts an average open rate of 22.87%! Not to mention the customer resentment that grows each time they make a trip to the recycling bin with an armful of promotional mailings. Additionally, pay per click digital advertising on Facebook and Google mean that you only pay for the customers who actually engage with your business – making the per-respondent cost much lower than that of direct mail.

Get Your Customers In on the Green Movement

We know that change can be daunting, especially when your loyal customers are used to receiving regular mailings from your company. However, they’ll gladly accept this change if you make them part of the movement. Explain that in an effort to reduce your company’s paper usage, you’re are switching to digital mailings. Ask them to join your email list and let them know that they are helping you save the trees. If they are invested in the change they’ll be much more responsive to your promotional emails!

Go Green & Get Productive!

Use technology internally to reduce your paper usage even further. Adopt note taking apps like Evernote to collect and organize your thoughts on future marketing campaigns. Bonus: this app allows you to collaborate and clip items from the web, making sharing within your company or with your external creative team a breeze! Take your to-do list to the web as well with tools like Trello. Not only will you save paper, you’ll be able to access your list from anywhere – and share it with colleagues!

Ready to Go Digital?

If you’re ready to make the switch, give us a call! We’ll walk you through the transition and help you plan and execute digital marketing campaigns that will make you gladly forget the days of print and direct mail!

Save the Trees – Go Digital with Your Marketing!
Article Name
Save the Trees – Go Digital with Your Marketing!
In honor of Earth Day, we urge small businesses to save the trees by going digital with their marketing efforts!

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