Book It: Scheduling Appointments Is Smart Customer Service


When you’re hosting a trunk show, charity event, ladies night, or even a repair special, it’s a smart idea to ask your customers to schedule an appointment or RSVP with you. Many jewelers shy away from this idea, worried that it will seem like a hassle or an imposition, but really, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are 3 reasons why your customers are happy to book appointments:

Reason #1: They really, really need your help.

When you deal with diamonds and fine jewelry every day, they stop being mysterious and intimidating objects. That’s not necessarily true at all for your customer, who may be contemplating making a major jewelry purchase for the very first time in their life. Scheduling an appointment to have someone walk them through the process of buying an engagement ring, custom creation or other fine jewelry item can help them ramp back the anxiety and move forward with the purchase confidently.

Reason #2: They’re terrified of missing out.

Exclusive events, such as VIP sales or meet the designer evenings, have a special cachet. Everyone loves being part of the in-crowd. Making appointments available to local fashion leaders only is a smart strategy: it makes people feel good to be invited to attend, proof positive that their style choices are good ones. For best results with this crowd, book appointments in small groups.

Reason #3: They’re worried they’ll forget.

Life is very, very busy for most people – even those who are retired or don’t work outside the home. Absent a firm appointment, it’s very easy to let the fact they’d meant to attend your store’s special event slip their mind. Anything that can help them remember, from old school appointment cards to email and text reminders of the event, is seen as good customer service.

Book It: Scheduling Appointments Is Smart Customer Service
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Book It: Scheduling Appointments Is Smart Customer Service
When marketing your jewelry retail location, don't hesitate to ask your customers to RSVP! Here's 3 reasons they WANT to book appointments with you.

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