Sell Bridal Jewelry? 3 Social Media Stats That Will Blow Your Mind


Social media is incredibly important to today’s bride. Brides use social media before, during, and after their wedding day, using it to do everything from finding the perfect engagement ring to documenting the nuptials as they happen.

As a bridal jewelry retailer, knowing when and how brides use social media can help you market yourself more effectively. The period before a bride is officially engaged is particularly important: it’s during this time that she’s developing all the dreams her sweetheart wants to make come true.

Top Sites for Wedding Planning

Pinterest is the #1 choice for wedding planning. Over 70% of brides collect and curate engagement and bridal themed imagery before they are officially engaged – sometimes before they’re even in a relationship! The preferences and designer name recognition these brides to be develop during this time form a critical role later, when it’s time to buy a ring.

Let The Music Move You

Nearly 3/4 of all couples use online sites like Spotify and Pandora to compile playlists and search for their special song. With this in mind, savvy bridal retailers are taking advantage of the advertising opportunities available on streaming music sites. It doesn’t hurt to have your store name, logo, and rings on display while a couple browses romantic tunes. Take it to the next level by creating and sharing a love inspired playlist!

Share in The Big Moment

The only thing more fun than getting engaged is letting the world know how happy you are. 28% of brides update their relationship status on Facebook within hours of being engaged. Another 24% do so the very next day. Strategically monitoring your customer’s social media presence allows you to offer congratulations when these posts are made as well as sharing the happy news via your own platforms. There’s no better advertising than a happy bride-to-be showing off one of your rings!

Sell Bridal Jewelry? 3 Social Media Stats That Will Blow Your Mind
Article Name
Sell Bridal Jewelry? 3 Social Media Stats That Will Blow Your Mind
If your jewelry retail location or e-commerce site sells bridal jewelry, here are 3 statistics that prove the power of social media in the bridal market.

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