A Single Point of Contact: The Secret of Managing Complex Marketing Teams


The Technology Therapy Group is a full service marketing agency, but that doesn’t mean that all of our clients use us for all of their marketing needs. Many times, we coordinate with other marketing professionals, whether that’s a web hosting company, a local newspaper with which the client has a long established relationship, or even another social media management firm. For best results, you want to have all of these professionals working in a coordinated fashion to achieve your marketing goals. The question becomes how do you make that happen?

Organized communication is the key.

As the business owner, you can either designate a single person on your team to handle coordinating with your multiple marketing providers or you can take on this role yourself. Keeping campaigns moving and organized requires regular communication with your marketing professionals, during which you’ll want to keep them appraised of what other providers are doing for you and inquiring how those efforts can be best supported in order to generate optimal results. In many instances it’s useful to streamline the process by having meetings where all providers involved in creating and implementing the strategy can interact.

At the end of each meeting, you want to be clear about what is being done to promote your business, who’s doing each particular task involved, and when the plan is going to be implemented. It’s also a good idea to schedule a time to meet to review campaign performance, identify areas for improvement, and move forward into the next campaign.

Over the years, I’ve heard business owners express frustration at the need to coordinate the multiple members of their marketing team. It’s important to understand that while complex marketing teams should be self-organizing, you will invariably get a better result if you take an active leadership role.

The time invested in coordinating your complex marketing team will yield rich rewards, as your campaigns will be more consistently deployed across multiple messaging platforms. More effective messaging means more sales – and that’s a result you’ll be happy to spend time talking about!

A Single Point of Contact: The Secret of Managing Complex Marketing Teams
Article Name
A Single Point of Contact: The Secret of Managing Complex Marketing Teams
Managing multiple marketing teams is tough, but it can be made easier! Selecting a single point of contact on your team keeps communications flowing and organized!

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