Slow Movers on the Mobile Movement: Is it Time to Join?


Constant Contact recently surveyed small business owners regarding the use of mobile marketing techniques and a surprising 34% stated that they were not currently using any mobile technologies for their business. Even more astonishing: 65% of these businesses do not plan on developing a mobile strategy in the future. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this reluctance to join the mobile movement and dispel any myths among the bunch.

  • 47% Claimed There Was Little Customer Demand.

    Of those small businesses that have not yet embraced mobile technology, 47% stated that, “their customers didn’t express interest in being able to pay for products or services through mobile means.” Our response to this statement: well have you asked them?

    Just because your customers are not beating down your doors begging for you to develop a mobile website does not mean that they are content with your current web offerings. Some consumers will not come forward with their demand for mobile solutions unless prompted.

    To get a true sense of your customers’ level of desire for a mobile site from your business, conduct a survey. Ask how often they use smartphones or tablets to browse the web, inquire about their level of frustration when they visit a site that is not formatted for mobile, see if they have searched for businesses like yours on mobile devices etc. You’ll be surprised by the demand you uncover when you take the time to ask.

  • 33% Did Not Have Adequate Time or Knowledge.

    Lack of proper experience with these tools and techniques and lack of time to implement them are clear barriers but it may easily be overcome. Book a consultation with a web developer to discuss your options and learn which type of mobile solution is right for your business.

    If your web developer is also a full service digital marketing firm, review an overall mobile marketing strategy to ensure that your company is found on mobile search and social media. Working with an established and esteemed digital marketing firm kills two birds with one stone: passing the development of your mobile site off to much more capable hands and freeing your time to focus on your core competencies.

  • 31% Did Not Have a Smartphone for Work.

    This logic is clearly flawed. The fact that a business owner has chosen not to use a smartphone to conduct business is unrelated to his or her customers’ mobile usage. Be sure to base your decision to establish a mobile presence or to hold out on your customers’ use of smartphones and tablets and their need to find your business on these devices, not on your own personal mobile preferences.

  • 28% Claim that Mobile Strategies Are Not Relevant for Their Businesses.

    Again, before business owners decide against mobile tools, they must do their homework. Have they done the necessary research to determine that mobile tools are not relevant to their businesses and customers or are they allowing personal preferences and biases to color their opinion. After these small business owners have done a little digging, they may find that it’s time to remove the rose colored glasses and join the mobile movement.

If you’ve been fooled by these common misconceptions now’s the time to seriously reconsider a mobile approach. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how a mobile strategy can boost your business.

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