Small Business Owners: Google+ Matters More Than You Might Realize


When Google+ first appeared on the scene, the response from small business owners was, at best, underwhelming. Who wanted –or needed? – another social media network to manage?

Google+’s value was not proven, where more familiar platforms like Facebook and Twitter were delivering results in terms of both brand-building and actual sales. There certainly seemed to be more public enthusiasm around emerging visually-oriented platforms, like Pinterest and Vine. If there was one social network it seemed safe to ignore, Google+ was it.

But now things are changing. Google has made changes to the Google+ platform, significantly extending the reach of every piece of content Google+ users put online. If content marketing is part of your messaging strategy, you’re going to want to know this. Author attribution definitively ties your messaging to your company, no matter how widely it is shared. The ability to embed Google+ posts in your business website, similar to Facebook’s embed function, can maximize the value of every piece of content you create and share. Google+ is rapidly becoming extremely relevant to the small business owner.

If you’ve been on the fence about Google+, believe me when I tell you that now is the time to give this social networking platform another look. In terms of delivering extended reach, connecting your content with the widest possible number of people and effectively sharing your messaging, Google+ is poised to become the most powerful option you have available to you.

google plus webinar

Get Started on Google+: The Webinar That Will Change the Way You Market Your Business

Get ready to put the power of Google+ to work for your small business. Learn what you need to do from Technology Therapist Jennifer Shaheen during our Google+ webinar. Designed for the small business owner who’s ready to take their marketing to the next level, this informative session will cover:

  • What is Google+
  • Why You Need Google+
  • Personal and Business Google+
  • How to get started on Google+

This is a beginner class and thus you are not required to have a Google+ account to attend. Jennifer makes it easy to understand exactly what you need to do to share your company’s messaging and marketing stories through Google+. Take the time to learn what you need to about Google+ now will open up a whole world of marketing possibilities for your business tomorrow. You’ll be glad you attended.

Space is limited! Register now.

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