Smart Digital Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 8th. If you haven’t already starting putting together digital assets to boost your sales for this special day, now is a good time to start. Here are four things to keep in mind:

Not Everyone is Your Customer:

While everyone has a Mother, not every Mom is going to appreciate your products and services. The best digital marketing is highly targeted: consider aiming your ads at that portion of your customer base who are Moms themselves – that way they can let their families know where to go shopping for their gifts – or at the men in your existing market; statistically, men buy far more Mother’s Day gifts than women do.

Make Life Simple for the Last Minute Shopper:

Mother’s Day is a holiday people forget, and then feel bad about forgetting. Create digital assets that remind your customers of the upcoming holiday and start deploying them at least a week in advance. Promote only those items you actually have in stock – there’s no time at this point for special orders! – and make sure to mention any services like gift wrapping or add on ideas that will take the gift to the next level.

It’s Important That Your Staff Knows What You’re Promoting on Social Media:

There will be shoppers who come in and say things like “I want the Mother’s Day package you’re showing on Facebook!” and not be able to explain things any more than that. When your team knows, for example, that you’re running a special on yoga gear and meditation CDs via social media, they’ll be able to quickly and easily give that customer exactly what they’re looking for.

Create a Hashtag:

Moms love to show off on social media just as much as anyone else. Create a hashtag like “#MadeMomsDay” that your customers can use when they share images of their mothers opening and enjoying their gifts. A great idea is to send anyone who uses the hashtag a digital discount coupon to use the next time they come into the store – but make sure you put an expiration date on it, so you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day 2017 to see these customers again!

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Smart Digital Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

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