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How Smartphones Have Changed The Way We Shop


Pay attention to the way customers shop with you this holiday season. You’re going to see that buying behaviors have changed compared to previous years – particularly when compared to those years before smartphones! Here’s how things are different:

More Frequent, Smaller Shopping Experiences:

Google has recently reported that more than half of all holiday shoppers plan on doing their gift buying during small moments throughout the day, such as when they’re waiting in line or during lunchbreak. Shopping sessions may be short, but people are buying more: smartphones’ share of online purchases have increased over 2/3rd over the course of the year.

Black Friday’s Still Fun, But It’s Not Such A Big Deal:

Because smartphones make it simple for customers to compare prices and connect with their favorite brands, big shopping days such as Black Friday and Small Business Saturday don’t necessarily have as much impact as they used to. That’s according to Google. However, knowing your customers is essential: if the crowds are still coming out in your community, being part of the Black Friday madness may be well worth it. Just make sure to promote your savings digitally as well as in traditional vehicles such as the newspaper.

More Information, Please:

Today’s holiday shoppers are researchers. Target has tracked the data and found that more than 3/4th of their customers check out their products before coming to the store. 82% of all shoppers report researching potential purchases while they’re in the store. The number one place these shoppers go for information is the website of the store they’re currently in. That’s why it’s vital to make sure your website is complete with useful information shoppers can use to make informed decisions. Include your best selling brands, as well as any special deals you want to draw their attention to. Having the right content available can help boost your sales!

How Smartphones Have Changed The Way We Shop
Article Name
How Smartphones Have Changed The Way We Shop
Smartphones are being used by consumers to conveniently both make and research the best purchase deals.

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