#SMDay Celebration Make Your Social Media Sparkle Webinar Recap


A great big thank you goes out to all of the jewelers and small business owners who joined us yesterday for the Make Your Social Media Sparkle Webinar. During this fun, informative session, we covered a lot of ground surrounding today’s current social media environment.

The focus was on how you, as a business owner, can strategically increase your brand’s visibility and reach on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular platforms. Some of the event’s highlights include:

What Type of Social Media is Most Effective At Reaching Customers?

Jennifer shared the secret of Technology Therapy Group’s proven social media prowess: Begin by understanding who your audience is and where they ‘hang out’ online. For instance, did you know that Google + is the only social media platform dominated by men?

What is the Best Time to Post to Social Media?

This was an excellent question and one that comes up a lot. You’ll find that there is no one magic time to post across all social platforms – it varies from site to site. In the video below we explain the best times to post on the most popular platforms.

Is There A Way To Make Social Media Marketing Easier & Less Time Consuming

One of our participants, Amanda, asked the question that really encapsulates the challenges of social media management for so many jewelers and independent retailers. She wanted to know if there was a way to make social media marketing easier and less time consuming, so she can focus on the customers who are in her store.

It’s a lot more fun to look at showcases than smartphones, but as business owners, we need to do both. Working with a full service digital marketing agency helps ease the burden. Though we will look to your for guidance and rely on your expertise, we’ll invest the time in finding quality content, writing posts tailored to each platform and scheduling posts appropriately, allowing you to spend more time working with your customers face-to-face.

Stay tuned to our blog and YouTube Channel as we’ll be rolling out additional videos from the webinar and have more informative sessions on the way. Need help now? Reach out for a free consultation!

#SMDay Celebration Make Your Social Media Sparkle Webinar Recap
Article Name
#SMDay Celebration Make Your Social Media Sparkle Webinar Recap
In honor of #SMDay, we held a social media focused webinar discussing hot topics and answering attendees' burning questions. See the highlights of the session.

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