Snapchat is Getting Ready to be Your Next Sales Channel


This year, Snapchat turns five years old. If the platform was a person, it would be the age of a kindergartner – a time of serious change and maturation in any child’s life. And in fact, Snapchat is getting ready for some big changes. Earlier this month, Snapchat announced it is working on an API that will allow it to significantly increase the amount of e-commerce opportunities it makes available to retailers.

An API, or application program interface, is, among other things, the tool social media platforms use to automate the process of selling ad space. Right now, you can buy advertising on Snapchat, but it’s a very direct process: interested brands or ad agencies have to work one-on-one with Snapchat to make those campaigns happen. Once the API is fully developed and in place, retailers will have the ability to log onto a dashboard and create campaigns, including uploading creative content, targeting audiences, and of course, measuring the success of the ads.  While nothing has been finalized yet, of course, it’s not unreasonable to expect the experience to be similar to what you’re currently having when you advertise on Facebook or Pinterest.

Right now, Snapchat’s big advertising success stories belong to larger brands, such as Cosmopolitan and IHeartRadio. However considering the fact that Snapchat is far more popular among teens and young adults than Facebook, it is clearly a platform that will be of interest to fashion brands. Additionally, interest in engagement rings and bridal jewelry begins developing during this phase for many young adults; Snapchat can be the platform where future brides inform their palate and develop design preferences. If you’re not using Snapchat already, take some time to check it out. It would be a really good idea to be fully familiar with the platform by the time advertising opportunities become available, which is projected to be later this spring.

Snapchat is Getting Ready to be Your Next Sales Channel
Article Name
Snapchat is Getting Ready to be Your Next Sales Channel
Snapchat announced an upcoming update that could mean it will be taking on a much bigger role in your jewelry retail marketing strategy!

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