The Social Media Majority


We’ve long since touted the importance of social media for small and medium sized businesses, and now we have even more reason to sing its praises. LinkedIn recently released research stating that approximately 81% of SMBs use social media. Though this is excellent progress, we believe that almost all SMBs can benefit from these platforms. With the majority of small and medium sized businesses on social platforms, can you afford to resist the social movement?

Social Media & Growth

LinkedIn’s study revealed that social media is crucial for businesses looking to grow. Companies that self-reported “hyper growth” (defined as “significant” growth in revenue year over year) indicated that social media played an integral role in their development.

  • 91% claimed that social media raised brand awareness
  • 82% stated that social media helped them generate new leads
  • About 75% report increasing their social media budgets last year

Reasons SMBs Resist Social Media

So what about that other 19% who haven’t jumped on the social media train yet? There are many valid reasons that some SMBs are reluctant to joins social platforms, including:

  • Change: Any type of change is difficult, but adopting a whole new technology can be particularly challenging.
  • Knowledge: Deciding which platform(s) are best for your business can be tough, especially if you haven’t used them personally.
  • Time: Small and mediums sized business owners are busy people. Often they may want to leverage social platforms for their companies, they aren’t sure how they will find the time.
  • ROI: Perhaps the most common factor leading business owners to forgo social media is their inability to measure the return on their investment.

Technology Therapy for the 19%

Luckily for the resistant 19%, they don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to provide the support they need as they adopt these new platforms. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to develop a winning social media strategy for your business, including which platforms are best for your business and compelling posting themes. And for those strapped for time, we’ll create social media decks for you approval and handle the posting and monitoring so you can focus on what you do best. Finally, we’ll guide you through social analytics, from reach to measurable web leads, so you’ll know exactly how you’re social efforts are translating into real sales.

Ready to join the majority? Reach out to us for a free consultation to get started!

The Social Media Majority
Article Name
The Social Media Majority
LinkedIn released research stating that 81% of SMBs are using social media. Technology Therapy explores why some are resistant to join the majority and how we can help.

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