Social Media Marketing Glossary: Facebook


More and more, social media is starting to feel like a world of its own, complete with a distinct language that can be difficult for newcomers to decipher. To help translate, we’re launching a brand new Social Media Marketing Glossary blog series, starting with the biggest social platform: Facebook.

Keep in mind that we’re going back to basics her to help even the greenest novices navigate Facebook. It’s likely that you already know some of the terms below, but this is a nice little cheat sheet to bring newbies up to speed.

  • Profile Picture:

    The square photo on the top left hand side of your page or profile is known as your profile picture. For a profile this is generally a photo of yourself while pages should use their company or organization logos. This is also the photo that appears with your posts and comments on other profiles or pages.

  • Cover Photo:

    This is the large rectangular image that spans the top of your page or profile. For company pages, we recommend changing it frequently to reflect upcoming promotions and/or events.

  • Timeline:

    Your timeline is the listing of your own posts on your profile or page. For pages, the timeline will only include posts made by the page while a profile timeline will include posts made by you as well as posts from others in which you were tagged.

  • News Feed:

    Your News Feed is the listing of posts by people you’re friends with or pages you follow. On pages you will only see posts from other pages in your news feed as you cannot friend people as a page.

  • Reach:

    Reach describes the number of people who have seen a particular post in their own news feeds. This does not mean they have taken action on the post, it has just been displayed to them by Facebook.

  • Insights:

    Insights are the in-page analytics that Facebook provides detailing data on your posts, likes and so on. This is a powerful tool that will allow you to examine the effectiveness of various posts and campaigns. These can be accessed in the admin panel above the cover photo.

  • Engagement:

    This is a broad term for interactions your fans make with your posts, including likes, comments and shares. You can see it on the right hand side of your Insights dashboard.

  • Have any other Facebook – or other Social media – terms you’d like us to define? Let us know in the comments below and we’’ll include it in our next Social Media Marketing Glossary post!

    Social Media Marketing Glossary: Facebook
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    Social Media Marketing Glossary: Facebook
    Deciphering social media marketing terms just got easier. We define Facebook key phrases in the start of a new blog series.

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