Social Media New Year’s Resolutions: How to Build Better Relationships Online


As the year draws to an end, it’s time to look ahead and plan how to make next year better. In this post, we’re going to focus on social media marketing, and the techniques you can use to improve the relationship you have with your customers, attract new customers, and boost your brand visibility.

Social Media Resolution #1: Use Your Data Regularly

Every social media platform captures insights about the content you post and the people who engage with it. If you haven’t started leveraging your data yet, make 2019 the year you put this information to work for you. Familiarize yourself with how to access metrics, learn what they mean, and compare your performance to the content you’re offering. For best results, you’ll want to look at your data regularly. Our recommendation: check your metrics once a week.

Social Media Resolution #2: Embrace Advertising

Less than 10% of your followers see what you post on Facebook. The percentages are similar on other social media platforms. The reason for this is simple: social media platforms make money by selling advertising, so they limit organic reach. To ensure you’re getting through to the people you want to reach, explore your advertising options fully. Boosting posts is a cost-effective way to reach more of your audience; display advertising helps introduce your brands to new customers and can drive sales. For best results, you want to target your advertising carefully. Make sure you understand who your customer is and do what you can to reach them.

Social Media Resolution #3: Vivid Visuals & Video

People’s attention spans are limited. Capture their interest with bright, fresh, vivid imagery. If you’re using stock images, take some time to make sure they’re unique and appropriate. Your customers want to see people like themselves when they browse your content, and nobody envisions themselves as Generic Girl. Video is the most effective way to connect with younger shoppers, particularly Gen Z and younger Millennials. When planning your content mix, make sure to include video content as frequently as possible.

Social Media New Year’s Resolutions: How to Build Better Relationships Online
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Social Media New Year’s Resolutions: How to Build Better Relationships Online
Looking to make some social media new year's resolutions in 2019? Here is a guide with some tips and tricks on how to get started!

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