Social Media News Round-Up


Though it’s prime vacation time, social media platforms show no signs of slowing down during these sultry months. They are rolling out changes faster than we can report them! Here’s a round-up of the top recent features, additions and updates in social media in the last few weeks.


news-facebookLast week, Facebook rolled out their new Page Insights. With the new Insights businesses can drill down into their page data more than ever before. Along with the Overview, Insights are broken into three separate sections: Page, Posts and People.

  • Page:

    Under this tab, Page admins may now review net likes, a metric that takes unlikes, organic likes and paid likes into account. They can also see where their new fans liked their page: mobile, on their page, ads and sponsored stories, page suggestions, or others.

  • Posts:

    The posts section reveals the reach, clicks and likes of each post on your page. In addition, it provides a snapshot of the post type and targeting of the post and gives admins the chance to promote their past posts that have done well organically from their Insights. Another helpful tool in this area shows business owners when their Fans are online, giving them the chance to schedule posts during peak times. Finally, this segment allows admins to see what types of posts resonate the most with their fans, links or photos for example.

  • People:

    The final section within Facebook Insights drills down into detailed statistics about a Page’s fans. Business owners can see their fans broken out by gender, age group, city and language. They can also see the same type of data for the number of people reached and the number of people who engaged with their posts.

On Wednesday the social media giant announced their next feature: embedded posts. Following in Twitter’s footsteps, this tool will allow blogs and media outlets to embed status updates, videos and photos from Facebook users directly into their websites. The site has stated that only public posts will be available for embedding. While writers can always grab a screen shot of comments and posts on Facebook to add to their articles, embedding posts shows authenticity and gives credit to the original author. Currently only select media organizations, such as Mashable, CNN, Huffington Post, and People have access to embedded posts.


news-linkedinWednesday was a busy day for social media platforms as LinkedIn announced an update as well. The site is the latest to jump aboard the Analytics train, providing statistics for companies about their LinkedIn page engagement and visitors. They break page visitor demographics down by Seniority, Industry, Function, Region, Company Size and Employee. They also detail page views, unique visitors, other pages individuals also visited and detailed statistics about each post.

LinkedIn also recently introduced sponsored updates, which allow companies to pay to extend the reach of the posts on their LinkedIn pages. They allow you to target by location company name or category, including industry and size, job title, function and seniority level to get your content in front of the LinkedIn users who are most likely to benefit from it.


news-pinPinterest is the last social platform to introduce notable changes in the past few weeks with a new alert system. As we reported a several weeks ago, Pinterest now supports product pins, which display information like price and where you can buy certain pins. Now the site will alert users via email when products they have pinned drop in price. This certainly makes Pinterest more attractive as a social e-commerce site!

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