Social Media News Round-Up: Volume Two


It’s been about two months since we rounded up the top social media updates, so it seems that this post is long overdue! There have been a lot of changes across the social media landscape in the past few months, so let’s get right to them!


As usual, Facebook leads the pack with three notable changes worth examining.

Embeddable Posts:

The platform now allows businesses and users to embed posts on their Facebook pages and profiles into their webpages and blog posts. Learn more about this feature and how to embed posts on your website in our recent article.

Autoplaying Video Ads:

Facebook also announced that they will be rolling out autoplaying video ads in users’ mobile news feeds. Though the cost of such ads currently stands at $1 million, this is an update for small business owners to watch and gauge users’ responses.

New Graph Search Features:

Finally, Facebook has expanded the capabilities of their Graph Search to allow users to search for topics of conversation within status updates, comments and posts. This means that users can now find others who are talking about their topics of interest, such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, or Halloween – to name a few topics I might search.


Pinterest also introduced several exciting updates in the past few months.

Promoted Pins:

This one has been long awaited, at least here at TTG! Pinterest has finally announced that they will be rolling out promoted pins. Though they are currently limited to select businesses at the moment, this is exciting news for all companies who are using this platform.

Expanded Rich Pins for Articles:

Pinterest also expanded their rich pins to those linking to articles. These pins now include more details about the article in the pin description. Whereas these pins originally only contained photos from the articles with a link at the bottom and additional information being added manually, now these pins automatically include the author’s name, the article title and a brief description. This is great news if you’re pinning your company’s blog posts!


LinkedIn has introduced fewer changes over the past couple of months, but they did have one exciting addition: Sponsored posts. These posts allow page administrators to promote updates on their pages to users based on their location, companies, company category, job titles, seniority levels, groups they belong to and more.


Though Twitter allowed users to embed tweets even before Facebook introduced embeddable posts, they have recently upgraded its embedded tweets to allow users to better show off their photos. This update makes perfect sense, considering the trend towards visual content in social media. Now it has us wondering, will we be seeing photos (rather than picture links) in our Twitter feeds soon?

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