Social Media Round-Up: 2013 Edition


This year brought with it countless changes around the web and social media was no exception. We reported on the updates across all social platforms as they occurred and now we’re taking a look back at the top social media advancements of 2013.


Facebook certainly leads the pack in terms of updates to their platform over the last year, with such a remarkable lead that we couldn’t possibly list all of their updates here. Below are just a few of the most noticeable changes they introduced in 2013.


Not to be left behind, Google+ unrolled a few changes of its own this year.

  • First, Google’s social platform called for Bigger Cover Photos and added a tab for local reviews directly on Google+ pages, making it even more important to ensure that your Google Local and Google+ pages are connected.
  • Then, in May, Google+ went Responsive, with a layout designed to respond to your browser size and adjust accordingly, providing as seamless functionality across mobile and desktop usage.


Though Twitter purchased Vine in October of 2012, it was not released to the Apple app store until January of this year, and really exploded in April, reaching the top of the US charts for free apps. This app allows users to create short, looping videos and it did not take long for brands to jump on the Vine bandwagon.


In response to the popularity of Vine, Instagram introduced their brand new video feature in June, trumping Vine in sociability, video length, quality, and flexibility. Instagram also mirrored another popular social app of 2013, Snapchat, with the recent introduction of Instagram Direct.


YouTube introduced its fair share of changes in 2013 as well. Here are the top updates.


There was no shortage of updates on LinkedIn this year, especially for those that improved the platform for page administrators. These are our favorites.


Pinterest really stepped up its game this year with features that enhance its platform for both users and companies alike.

  • First, Pinterest introduced Rich Pins, which consist of three types: Product Pins, Recipe Pins and Movie Pins. Article pins were later added to support those who frequently pin blogs and other written pieces.
  • Next, Promoted Pins made their debut, something that we saw coming and were all too excited to see come to fruition.
  • Finally, November brought us Place Pins to help users better map their favorite cities and plan their next vacations while allowing businesses to show their support for the local community.


Last but not least, Twitter had a few advancements of its own this year.

  • In July, Twitter finally jumped aboard the Analytics train, allowing companies to view their timeline activity and a breakdown of their followers by gender, location, interests and more.
  • The social platform followed Facebook on another feature with their new visual layout, which features images directly in the feed, rather than the previous method of posting them as links that must then be clicked to view the image.
  • Though the social platform ready had embedded tweets, they upgraded them following Facebook’s introduction of embeddable posts in order to put a greater emphasis on images in the tweets.
  • This year brought countless changes to social media, and we are sure that 2014 will bring even more additions and evolutions to these platforms. Stay tuned to our daily blogs to see what 2014 has in store for social media marketing!

    Article Name
    Social Media Round-Up: 2013 Edition
    This year, we reported on the updates across all social platforms as they occurred and now we’re taking a look back at the top social media advancements of 2013.

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