Social Media Showdown: Google+ Pages v. Facebook Pages


Google+ and Facebook both offer companies pages on which they can share their company information, post updates and share relevant content. Let’s take a look at the ways in which these two are alike and at the features in which one of these platforms has the upper hand.

It’s A Draw

Google+ and Facebook are actually very similar in a few features that they offer. Let’s take a look at these traits on which they tie.

  • Business pages on Facebook and Google+ can still be seen by the general public, even when they are not logged in. This means that they still have access to your relevant information on the platform should they click over from your website’s Connect with Us links, without having to create an account.
  • Both are tied to a personal account in order to make managing the page easier. Essentially, there is only one username and password to remember for each. It’s important to note that with each of these pages, the individual admin behind the business page is anonymous. Keep in mind that you control who you post as: you or the company.
  • Each has an area with a list of recent and relevant posts from the other pages that your business page follows, known as a stream on Google+ and a News Feed on Facebook. Areas like this make it easy to find sharable content and posts on which you can comment as your company. Just remember, with Facebook, you must choose to act as the company to see the company feed.


Champion: Google+
  • The Google+ stream is broken down by the circles that you have created, making it easy to curate and locate the types of posts you see. With Facebook, there is currently only one News Feed for pages.
  • On Google+, pages have the opportunity to add people to their circles and communicate directly with individual users as the business, whereas Facebook does not allow businesses to friend people; pages may only follow other pages.


Champion: Facebook
  • Facebook offers business pages a tool called Insights that allows them to see if the content they are posting is resonating with their audiences. Insights show you how many people have seen a post, as well as how many users you’ve engaged. As a company, Google is known for providing detailed analytics and metrics. However, they have not integrated this feature into Google+.

Both Google+ and Facebook have pros and cons. Before you choose between the two, or launch pages on both, analyze your business goals and how the page will help you reach these goals. Not sure if you should be using Google+, Facebook, or both? Contact us for a free consultation in which we will evaluate your social media strategy and point you in the right direction!

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