It was 1997 and Social media was in its infancy.

The web had only just gotten its feet under it, as far as the typical business owner was concerned. I was in my junior year at Hofstra, watching this happen, when I had the insight that changed my life: entrepreneurs who were empowered to use digital technology would build bigger, better companies faster.

My college professors became the advisory board for my business. Marketing and technology were coming together in exciting, powerful ways. A lot of business owners were aware of this. They knew the game was changing right in front of their eyes. They knew they had to do something – but they didn’t know what.

My role was to teach them how to identify and make the best use of what was available. Over the years, that has included web development, social media, and always, always, always, communication strategies.

Technology is only working for you when it actually connects you to your customers.

So for more than 15 years now, I’ve been teaching my customers how to build those connections. Today, the Technology Therapy Group is a premier firm, providing branding, marketing, and web services. I’ve also taught in the classroom setting, at Hofstra University and Johnson Wales. Currently, I’m a coach with Social Media Magic University. You can read some of the articles I’ve written for NY Enterprise Report, Small Biz Trends, and other publications here. You can connect with me socially on: Linked InTwitter and Facebook

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