Having a Special Holiday Event? Online Promotion is the Key to Big Sales!


In-store holiday events are a powerful sales tool. Trunk shows, author signings, product demonstrations, flash sales and similar events give your customers two compelling reasons to come to your store: they’re something fun to do (and who doesn’t love that?) and it can be a very efficient way to get gifts for one or more of the people on your holiday list.

Unfortunately, retailing doesn’t work like Field of Dreams. This isn’t a case of “Build it and they will come!” Simply hosting an event isn’t enough. You have to let your customers – and prospective customers – know that an event is going on, in such an irresistible fashion that they feel they absolutely have to attend.

For best results, take a multi-channel approach to your event promotion. In-store promotion such as signage and personal recommendations from your staff is a great way to appeal to your regular customers. Reach a broader audience by incorporating messages about your event into any ongoing print, television, and radio advertising.

Creating and distributing a press release about your event – particularly if it’s unusual or noteworthy in nature – can persuade your local media to talk about your business. This strategy is particularly effective if your event has a charitable element, such as raising funds for a community human service agency or other good cause.

Online, make sure the event is featured prominently on your webpage, both on your home page and on any other page your customers would visit regularly, such as a blog. Regular messaging about your event via social media platforms is absolutely essential. Your social media strategy should include incorporating messaging about your event on platform headers, as well as leveraging the power of targeted advertising that particular platform provides. Specific strategies, such as creating a RSVP page or a “Bring a Friend” campaign, can really help boost the numbers of people you see at your event.

If you have a holiday sales event booked, but need help promoting it effectively, you’re in luck. We’re running a great special on holiday design packages right now, including our comprehensive event promotion services. It’s not too late to make 2014 your best holiday sales season ever – but you have to act now!

Having a Special Holiday Event? Online Promotion is the Key to Big Sales!
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Having a Special Holiday Event? Online Promotion is the Key to Big Sales!
In-store signage and traditional advertising can only get you so far when promoting your businesses holiday events; online marketing is the key to big turnouts!

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