how to win over your audience

Specificity and Purpose – How To Win Over Your Audience


On Monday, Oct. 7, I presented at the NYC Geriatric Care Managers Conference. My topic was Are You Digital Enough? In preparation for the conference, I spoke to a few geriatric care managers from that area about market fundamentals: who their clients are and the specifics about the demographics that hire their firms. As you can imagine, their biggest audiences are Baby Boomers and the Sandwich Generation.

In preparation for the event, I researched how these two generations use today’s technology and social media. I spent time reviewing what tools the audiences are most active on and integrated only the relevant ideas into my presentation.

After the presentation, individuals came up to me and thanked me for focusing on what mattered for them and for taking the time to understand their customer base.

I do this with each and every presentation. The idea is to start with the core information and to customize the details to your audience.

This approach, which works so well for public speaking, should also be applied to all of your communication and marketing. Here are few tips to get started:

Separate Your Customers Into Groups

Your customers can often fall into different categories based on their needs and wants from your business. Find commonalities you can use to divide your customers into groups. This exercise will make it easier for you to create focused communication to each category. For example, Technology Therapy works with small businesses but not all small businesses are the same. We start by categorizing our clients by size, industry, budget, personality and our level of involvement.

Create Focused Content & Messaging

Though it may seem that many groups should receive the same message, the way in which you communicate that message may be different. You should take the time to understand how your customer speaks about their needs. Mirror their language in your content. Identify images that appeal to their sensibility and personality. Show you understand them directly and that they are not “just another customer.” Remember, everyone wants to feel special.

Today’s world is filled with so much noise. This means now, more than ever, your audience wants to feel unique, special and listened to. This is an opportunity for small businesses to show how they value their customers and to what end.

Be specific. Be Purposeful.

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