Our Staff Favorites: A Simple Sales Technique That Really Works


One of the greatest assets any small business has is the collective intelligence, insight, and professional knowledge of the owner and employees. The fact is that you may know more about whatever it is you do – from creating fresh flower arrangements, selling estate jewelry, or creating mouthwateringly delicious fine French meals – than anyone else in your community.

Here’s a little secret:

Many of your customers aren’t the most confident people in the world when it comes to purchasing your products and services. They know they want to send Mom flowers, for example, but they have no idea if they should send carnations or gladiolas or – hey, does a bird of paradise arrangement require a birdcage? Faced with a showcase full of jewelry, they’re overwhelmed with choices and may wind up walking away with nothing at all. Sitting down with the carefully crafted menu your chef put together, the uncertain diner will choose the entrée they’re familiar with and miss out on a fantastic delight because they don’t know that Poularde Truffée et ses Legumes Pochés is really delicious chicken cooked with veggies and some very expensive mushrooms.

This is where your expertise comes in. Your customers aren’t going to ask for it, but they’d really appreciate a little guidance. An “Our Staff Favorites” selection – which can be shared in your shop as well as online and via social media – is a great way to direct your customers’ attention to the really great stuff that might otherwise be overlooked.

For best results, you can create custom “Our Staff Favorites” collections regularly. The florist could spotlight three great arrangements and call them “Our Staff Favorites for Mom!” If you’re in the estate jewelry business, let your staff pick their favorite new pieces as they come in, and let your customers know about them on a weekly or monthly basis. Restaurants truly have an established edge in this game: customers are already expecting to hear about daily specials. Add an “Our Staff Favorite” cocktails or desserts section to the menu and see sales of these profit-boosting items soar.

Our Staff Favorites: A Simple Sales Technique That Really Works
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Our Staff Favorites: A Simple Sales Technique That Really Works
Use your staff's knowledge of your business to your advantage with a "Our Staff Favorites" recommendations, menus and lists.

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