Taco Bell “Thinks Outside the Buns” on Facebook


Though Taco Bell has adopted the new slogan of “Live Mas” this year, it’s clear that they are still thinking outside the bun(s) when it comes to customer appreciation. It only takes a quick glance at Taco Bell’s Facebook or Twitter to see that they not only show brand personality, they are ready to express their love for their friends and followers as well. Recently, the fast food chain went above and beyond for one dedicated fan.

On December 20th an Illinois teen posted the comment below on Taco Bell’s Facebook page. He is an active high school swimmer who claims to eat at the restaurant 5-7 times per week. Rather than simply expressing his appreciation for Taco Bell’s fare like most fans, he made a unique request. He asked the company to make him a custom speedo with “Think Outside the Buns” printed on the back, a play on the company’s old slogan.

Taco Bell FB comment

Rather than laughing the comment off or saying that they wish they could do it for him, Taco Bell took action. Their response to his post: “What size do you wear? And what’s your address?” Yes, folks, they sent this eager teen his custom Taco Bell speedo.

Though one custom speedo is a drop in the bucket for the fast food giant, it has made a big impact. Not only has the brand made one fan very happy, they’ve cultivated a positive brand image with thousands: at least 2,587 – the number of people who liked the post. Not to mention the countless others who read about the act of kindness on Mashable, AdWeek and who knows where else on the internet.

Lessons we can learn from Taco Bell:
1. Be Responsive – Reply to every comment, tweet, and message. Even if all you say is a simple thanks, responding shows that you value the time that your followers and fans have taken to reach out to you.
2. Don’t Automatically Decline – No one would have faulted Taco Bell for declining this unusual request. In fact, most would have laughed it off. But look at the effect this small action has had. Whether you’re asked to sponsor a local sports team or to deliver a favorite product to a fan in the hospital, weigh the financial cost against the cost of building a positive relationship with your customers.
3. Follow the Golden Rule – Now that we’re all grown up, the golden rule still applies. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Think about how you would want a brand to reply to you.

Customer comments and requests on social media give you a chance to build relationships – and a good reputation. Follow Taco Bell’s example and “Think Outside the Buns.”

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