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Experience Sells, Catalogs Don’t: Effective Online Selling


Let’s talk about the real situation in digital marketing today. Every business has a website. Almost every business has a social media presence. Yet not every business is thriving. The ones that are understand a fundamental truth about today’s customer: they’re not just shopping, they’re looking for a good time. The Experience Driven Customer In… Continue Reading »

Is Your Digital Presence a Barrier to Bank Funding?


Bonnie was running a small, fairly successful retail shop in a destination location. She sold t-shirts, novelty souvenirs, bumper stickers – everything you’d want to remember your vacation. Her location was good, but not great. When a better location became available, Bonnie wanted to make the move, but she was going to need a loan… Continue Reading »

Don’t Be Afraid of Adjectives: Copy Writing That Works


Small business owners face a unique challenge when it comes to creating copy for their websites. The language on your site needs to serve at least three purposes: Inform your customer about your business’ service or product offerings Serve as a sales tool, convincing the customer they want to buy from you Impact your site’s… Continue Reading »